What is prayer?

God started a conversation with His people (us) with His Word. Prayer is our response to Him. And here’s the awesome part, He wants  to hear from us. He delights in us.

What is fasting?

Removing things from our lives for a time to pursue intimate fellowship with God. Fasting can be an expression of finding our greatest pleasure and enjoyment in life from God. Food, or whatever we fast from, has a mastery over our lives. Fasting says, "I long to be satisfied in God alone."

Why do we do this together as a church?

A season of focused prayer and fasting puts our church body on the same trajectory. Imagine the power of thousands of people speaking to our Heavenly Father at the same time about the same thing.


21 Days of Prayer

As a church let’s pray together for the next 21 days and ask God to answer these prayers.